Make sure you get your ticket for OpenSec 2017!

Attendees at OpenSec 2017 will have the opportunity to hear from top cyber security experts in the Boston area. In addition to keynotes addressing the current state of open source cyber security, how companies choose between open source, proprietary, or existing cyber security solutions, and more, there will also be a series of lightning talks. This fast-paced series will focus on specific open source projects and how they are being leveraged for cyber security uses.

We will first hear from Jason Meller, CEO at Kolide, about osquery. Among the most popular open source projects on GitHub, osquery allows users to ask questions to their Linux, Windows, and MacOS infrastructure and get accurate answers quickly. Osquery is often used for security purposes such as intrusion detection and pulling data from endpoints, but it can also be used to collect basic information about configuration and more. This talk will give you a solid foundation in what osquery is, how to install it, how to use it, what to avoid, and how to use open source solutions to protect endpoints on a broader level.

We will then hear from Brian Carrier, VP of Digital Forensics at Basis Technology, about Sleuth Kit. Sleuth Kit is an open source collection of command line tools and C library, largely developed by Brian, built to enhance digital investigations and incident response. At the conference, Brian will go over the basic functions of Sleuth Kit, and how it can be leveraged to create a strong incident response program through data analysis, giving companies the resources they need to respond to threats at thoroughly as possible.

Finally, we will hear from Ryan Nolette, Primary Security Technologist at Sqrrl. Ryan will speak about the benefits of visual threat hunting using open source solutions, specifically visualizing bro data with grapvizz. Visualizing your threat hunting exercises helps lower the bar of entry for threat hunting and provides answers to the common questions of - How do I get started? How can I explain what I found to my management? How do I justify my time?

To learn more about how these specific open source solutions are affecting cyber security, join us at OpenSec 2017 on May 15th!