For today’s OpenSec 2017 preview, we heard from Jen Andre, founder and CEO of Komand.


At Komand, Jen empowers security teams to focus on efficient incident response and decision making by offering the automation of manual tasks, and a space to share this automation and knowhow with the wider security community. Prior to founding Komand, Jen co-founded Threat Stack, and worked at Mandiant and Symantec. She is very involved in the cybersecurity space, authoring multiple articles and speaking at conferences around the country.

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Jen Andre@fun_cuddles

What got you interested in the cybersecurity space?

Hanging out with computer hackers in the 90s - early 2000.

What advice do you have for people moving up or into the cybersecurity space?

Find some great, friendly mentors, stay curious, and question the status quo.

What are some product or solutions spaces you are watching or excited to see grow?

Machine learning effectively applied to cybersecurity (promised, but yet to be delivered), productivity improvements for SecOps teams (in workflows, deployment of security stack), and better policy and technical deterrents to cyber-related crime.

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