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Morning Keynote: Tim Byrd

SVP of Enterprise Information Security at Wells Fargo

Tim Byrd is a Senior Vice President in Enterprise Information Security at Wells Fargo. Tim currently is the head of the Information Security Leaders. This team provides dedicated information security cybersecurity expertise, delivering proactive, risk-based solutions to all major line of businesses.

Prior to joining Wells Fargo, Tim was a Senior Vice President Global Information Security Executive at Bank of America. Tim provided strategic direction for the Distributed Denial-of-Service, Advanced Persistent Threat, Malware, Cyber Analytics and Network Access Control programs to design and build operational controls and end-to-end strategy. He and his team focused on creating a secure technology infrastructure while positioning the bank to effectively respond to cyber attacks. For more than ten years, Tim delivered results that aligned technology initiatives with business goals to provide improvement in risk monitoring, assessment and mitigation. With his extensive knowledge in threat management, he built a responsive IT organization committed to reducing risk, enhancing security, and ensuring resiliency.

Previously, Tim managed the Threat Analysis and Vulnerability Assessment (TAVA) program consisting of over 100 information security professionals. The program used a portfolio of controls including Threat Management, Vulnerability Scanning, Compliance Monitoring, Application Assessment, Ethical Hacking, High Volume Scanning, Source Code Assessments, Developer Training, Mobile Application Assessment, FFIEC Assessments, Red Team, Critical Supplier Vulnerability Modeling, PCI Adherence, and Supplier Governance.

Among his many accomplishments, Tim was instrumental in expanding NPI monitoring to the global enterprise while utilizing current controls to monitor the increasing social media space. He also led a threat management team that developed and deployed an end-to-end process for risk evaluation of all cyber threats.

Tim received a Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems from UNC Charlotte in Charlotte, North Carolina. He was elected to the BITS Security Steering Committee in 2011. BITS named him Vice Chair in 2013 and 2017, and Chair in 2014. In addition to his background in threat management and risk mitigation, Tim also worked on merger and acquisition projects for MBNA, Fleet, LaSalle, Countrywide and Merrill Lynch.

Tim’s innovative nature led him to create three products he submitted for patents: Internet cleaning and edge delivery, United States patent 9160711; Bank Card Fraud Protection System, United States patent 7980464; and Apparatus and Methods for Card Dispensing, United States Patent application 20100114767.


Afternoon Keynote: Liam Randall

Sr. Director of Software Engineering at Capital One

Liam Randall is Sr. Director of Software Engineering at Capital One. He joined Capital One through the acquisition of Critical Stack, where he was CEO and founder. He founded Critical Stack to containerize security infrastructure. He has focused on end-user training, application development and advanced NSM at large scale. A frequent speaker at security conferences you can usually find him training users on the Bro Platform at workshops, conferences or online.




Jen Andre

CEO of Komand 

Jen has spent over 15 years as a technical leader and entrepreneur in the cybersecurity space. She is the founder and CEO of Komand and previously co-founded Threat Stack, one of the first cloud security monitoring companies. Jen has a special love for building security products, honed from her experience in product R&D and security operations at prominent security companies like Mandiant and Symantec.

Additionally, she co-organizes several Boston-based engineering and security meetups, and is excited about how the Hack/Secure community will stimulate security innovation across the country.



Andrew Becherer

Chief Security Officer of DataDog  

Andrew provides deep security expertise to Datadog. Prior to joining Datadog, Andrew was a Regional VP at NCC Group North America (formerly iSEC Partners) where he lead security efforts in diverse areas including Windows platform native code application security, web application security, and network penetration testing. Andrew has published research on a number of distributed computing security topics and holds a BA in Sociology from the University of Kentucky as well as a BS in Computing and Software Systems from the University of Washington. Andrew has previously  presented sessions at numerous events including Black Hat USA, regional OWASP events, and Amazon ZonCon.

Dan Guido.jpg


Dan Guido

Founder of Trail of Bits

Dan Guido leads the strategic vision for Trail of Bits’s products and services, and manages its day-to-day operations. Dan prioritizes work on automated, scalable tools that make a measurable impact for elite organizations ranging from Facebook to DARPA.

Since founding Trail of Bits in 2012, Dan has built the company with people that span the gap between academic research and real-world problems. He pushes his team to study complex computer science topics, and modern attackers’ tactics, techniques and procedures.

It’s through this approach that Trail of Bits addresses the root causes of its clients’ challenges, and develops tools that make a lasting impact. When possible, Dan prefers to share the knowledge those tools embody, and to open-source them for the infosec community to use.

In addition to his professional work, Dan helps moderate Reddit Netsec, organizes Empire Hacking, and supports ambitious startups through the advisory boards for hack/secure and 3 Kings Capital.

Chistopher Ahlberg_headshot (1).jpg

Christopher Ahlberg

CEO of Recorded Future

Dr. Christopher Ahlberg is the CEO of Recorded Future, Inc. and Chairman of Hult International Business School. Earlier he was the president of the Spotfire Division of TIBCO, which he founded in 1996 and in 2007 sold to TIBCO (Nasdaq: TIBX) for $195M. Dr. Ahlberg earned his doctorate from Chalmers University of Technology, worked as a visiting researcher at the University of Maryland, and has lectured and consulted extensively for industry, academia, military, and intelligence communities. He has five granted software patents, and multiple pending. Additionally, Dr. Ahlberg was named among the World's Top 100 Young Innovators by Technology Review, MIT's Magazine of Innovation in 2002.



Brian Carrier

VP of Digital Forensics

Brian leads the digital forensics team at Basis Technology, which builds software for incident response, digital forensics, and custom mission needs. He is the author of the book File System Forensic Analysis and developer of several open source digital forensics analysis tools, including The Sleuth Kit and Autopsy. Brian has a Ph.D. in computer science from Purdue University and worked previously for @stake as a research scientist and the technical lead for their digital forensics lab and incident response team. Brian is the chair person for the Open Source Digital Forensics Conference (OSDFCon) and on the committees of many conferences, workshops and technical working groups, including the Annual DFRWS Conference and the Digital Investigation Journal.



Jason Craig

Detection and Response Team Manager at DropBox

Jason leads the Detection and Response Team at Dropbox and is the founder of Vrtx Security.  Before Dropbox he worked for a variety of organizations that you've likely heard of.  He has been described by a former CSO as a log fetishist and finds it hard to disagree.  Jason enjoys hoppy beverages, situational awareness, artisanal bespoke implants and late apexes.


Craig Chamberlain

Director of Security at Cogito 

Craig is a seasoned security leader with twenty years experience in security including experience as a cloud security lead in some of the world's largest AWS environments. He is a patent holder; published researcher; advisor to various security product plays and VCs; credited bug hunter; and a veteran of six startups including two successful exits. A devotee of the "purple team" movement, he studies both offensive and defensive security art, He has contributed, as an architect and / or core business logic developer, to three successful security products, and six large-scale security monitoring and threat hunting projects, in both cloud and legacy environments. He is an versed in both traditional and agile software security lifecycles including pentesting, dynamic and static analysis, threat modeling and secure software design, and was the first to apply game theory to the software security problem in a talk given at the B Sides Boston conference at the Harvard Science Center in 2017.







Ryan Nolette

Security Technologist and Threat Hunter at Sqrrl

Ryan is Sqrrl’s primary security technologist and expert. He has previously held a variety of roles including threat research, incident response consulting, and every level of security operations. With over a decade in the infosec field, Ryan has been on the product and operations side of companies such as Carbon Black, Crossbeam Systems, SecureWorks and Fidelity. Ryan has been an active speaker and writer on threat hunting and endpoint security.